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The largest selection in Pro video rental



If you are looking for top notch LED and video equipment, N.A. Equipamentos offers a high level of creative production value with a wide range of pro rental equipment and video technology.
Our crew has a high level of expertise and experience to recommend the right video equipment for your event.



Media server is the core of our video system department that has the right video management and playback all the pixels your event requires. Here at N.A Equipamentos we offer the best media servers of the market today. A combination of hardware and software that can push every pixel to the all the screens of any event size.



Professional projection equipment for live events and professional multi projection video mapping.
A wide range of projectors and lenses from 5.000 to 40.000 ANSI Lumens, from HD to 4k, single or stacked we have the projection solution you are looking for.



N.A. Equipamentos has all the equipment you need for the best IMAG and Live Video Broadcast.
Live to screen, Live to Internet, Live to Satellite or Live to tape. We got you covered with a large selection of cameras, lenses, switchers and grip. From PPU to OB van we have the video solution you are looking for.



N.A. now offers creative content to populate the LED walls.
In your next event contact us to generate your content with high quality visuals using the latest on computer graphics 2D, 3D and VFX.


disguise 4×4 pro

N.A. Equipamentos is Disguise official Pro Rental partner in Brazil..  

  • pro range rental
  • content creation
  • disguise project set up
  • pre-vis studio
  • 3D modelling
  • notch content
  • advanced trained

read more about disguise 4x4 pro

Our Team

Professional work force

Why N.A. for your next event?

The LED pro video boutique in Brazil. Simply the best gear and the expert crew.

Over 20 years of experience

Pioneer on the market of professional LED walls rentals for live events and TV

Credibility acquired delivering high quality standards to the market with hundreds of awesome projects delivered in the last 20 years in Music, TV, Corporate, Corporate, Brand Activation, Sports, Parties, Fashion and more.

Top Notch Pro Video Equipment and LED walls

N.A. is well know for the state of the art equipment diversified from high resolution 1mm modules all the way to low res 40mm clusters.

That makes N.A. one of the largest LED wall suppliers in Brazil and of of the few one stop shopping for all your pro video needs in Brazil.

Large staff with over 60 crew members

Large LED walls requires large crews and N.A. offers a large number of technicians that can run any size fo event from implementation, logistics, maintenance, lab, assembling, all the way to management, video and the customer support that only N.A. has in Brazil.

National Coverage

N.A. offers its own freight to you event. We can move gear anywhere in Brazil.

Regardless where is your event in Brazil, our logistics department will make sure all the equipment will get there

International Partnerships

Constant investment in new technologies and solid international partnerships sets N.A. apart from competition.
Now besides the well know video walls, N.A. with partners provide:

LED motion with Stage Kinetik
Exclusive with N.A. Equipamentos in Brazil and now available for your next event anywhere in the country.

Media Servers Disguise 4×4 pro (former D3)
Solid and robust media servers used on the largest shows in the world, now available in Brazil and only at N.A. Equipamentos.

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